06 April 2017

Lustig’s Letter: “Hypocrites, liars and cowards – our shrunken politicians”

What makes me even angrier than the prospect of the gratuitously self-inflicted pain we are about to suffer is the way in which the Brexit disaster will crowd out any consideration of all the other major crises on which the government should be focusing.

Critical cash shortages in the NHS, schools, social care, the police and prisons? Sorry, you’ll have to ask someone else.

President Trump tearing up climate change legislation? Sorry, no time to respond.

Famine sweeping across parts of Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen, threatening the lives of twenty million people? Sorry, we’re busy.

Civilian casualties as US-led coalition forces bomb Mosul? Sorry, call back.

North Korea? Turkey? China? Sorry, get someone else to deal with them.

We have become a shrinking nation led by shrunken politicians. We deserve better.

Robin Lustig

I worry the same thing will happen on the other side of this breakup, with the European Union: so tangled up in long negotiations with the UK that is misses the chance to improve and move on from this setback, to develop a unified voice and take on a more active role on the world stage at a time when the leadership of the United States seems devoted to chaos. If the EU misses this opportunity, you can be sure others will not – China first and foremost.

Brexit and EU flag

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