21 January 2018

Reading stats for 2017

This past year hasn’t been very productive in terms of reading for me: I’ve finished only 18 books, down from 22 in 2016. This is due in part to consuming more long-form articles and podcasts on my daily work commute, but also to personal issues in the latter half of the year, which are affecting the frequency of posting on the blog as well. On the other hand, the number of pages read hasn’t dropped so significantly, from 6400 to 6040; the biggest contributor here was most likely the massive novel The Reality Dysfunction by Peter F. Hamilton. It alone accounts for 28.5% for the number of pages I’ve read during 2017.

My 2017 Goodreads reading stats

Another factor that could have contributed to my lackluster year in reading is that I haven’t picked up any novel that really captured my imagination or touched me emotionally. While Goodreads reports my average rating for the year was 3.6, the same as in 2016, this year I gave a single 5-star rating, down from three last year (to a short story nonetheless), and most of the books got rated three or four stars. I seem to get better at avoiding bad books (at least bad by my increasingly selective taste), but not yet that good at finding those rare gems that make reading such a wonderful experience.

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