26 July 2018

9to5Mac: “iPhone X sets new record for resale value, averaging 85% of retail price”

The iPhone X didn’t just set a new record for iPhone pricing, it’s also reportedly doing the same for how well it holds its resale value.

Liquidation specialist B-Stock says that high demand is seeing used models sell for an average of 85% of the original price…

B-Stock says that this is a substantially higher percentage than previous iPhone models sold at the same time in the product life-cycle.

Ben Lovejoy

The iPhone always had a higher resale value than competing Android devices, so that’s hardly news. For me, this piece of data raises another, far more interesting, question: I get that customers want to buy the iPhone X, but where is the supply coming from? New iPhone models are not due to launch until September, and it will take another couple of weeks for them to be widely available in stores. Together with the last statement, this implies a rather large population of Apple customers are dissatisfied with the X model enough to sell it now, and ‘downgrade’ to an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus. It will be interesting to see how this reflects in Apple’s sale numbers, which are due shortly.

This could be one of the reasons Apple feels the need to pump money into increasingly extravagant advertising for the iPhone X.

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