09 December 2019

Teslarati: “Will Tesla Cybertruck fit inside a home garage?”

Reactions from some Cybertruck reservation holders and users of the AR app show that future owners of the upcoming vehicle may need to find a larger garage for their all-electric pickup.

Tesla enthusiast Tesla Raj outlined these findings in a recent video, with the Model 3 owner using the AR mobile app to see if the all-electric pickup fits in his car garage. Average two-car garages in the United States are about 20×20, 22×22, and, in other cases, 24×24 ft. These spaces are more than enough for sedans like the Tesla Model 3 or crossovers like the Model Y, but when it comes to larger vehicles like the Cybertruck, garages like a 20×20 would be a bit too small.

Simon Alvarez

You can rest assured that the engineering team did a thorough job designing the car when the CEO feels the need to correct its size immediately after the announcement because they haven’t considered an insignificant detail such as… actually parking the car! I know some people argued years back that Apple should acquire Tesla, but from this it sounds like there is a huge disconnect between their cultures and internal processes, which would make it difficult to integrate Tesla.

It’s not exactly a subject I’m actively keeping up with, but I will say this: for me, the Cybertruck is everything that’s currently wrong with ‘car culture’ – especially American car culture – all rolled into one and turned up to eleven. And another case of Elon Musk’s unchecked megalomania.

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