22 December 2013

Goodreads: “2013 - Your Year in Books!”

Now that we’re nearing the end of 2013, we thought it would be fun to take a look at your year in books. Check out a visual representation of your reading year and reexperience everything you learned and felt over the past 12 months!

Suzanne Eskyvara

Speaking of reviews of the almost-finished 2013, Goodreads has a similar feature called ‘stats’ where you can compare the current year with the past in terms of number of books read, number of pages and ratings. Apparently I read 42 books during this year, a notable increase from 30 in 2012, but that’s mostly because I consumed a larger number of short stories. There are some books which I haven’t added here because they weren’t in the Goodreads database, so the numbers could be off by 2-3 books per year. A more accurate comparison of the volume is the number of pages read, where the difference between the two years is less pronounced. There’s no point comparing with 2011 because I only started using the site regularly somewhere at the beginning of 2012, after installing their app on my iPhone.

Goodreads 2013 reading stats by number Goodreads 2013 reading stats by pages

If you click on the orange bars next to each year, you will see a break down of your reading by star rating, which offers other interesting insights. Apparently I am becoming harsher in my ratings (or I’m picking worse books to read): the number of books rated 5 stars dropped from 5 to 3 – and of those three I had already read two previously, so I have only discovered a single amazing new book this year. I also rated more books with 2 or 3 stars than during the previous year. Obviously how much you enjoy a book is not something that can be controlled beforehand, but if there is a resolution to be had for the next year, it is to try to find more quality books, however hard that may be.

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