29 September 2014

Macworld: “Stacking the iPhone against every Android phone feature”

Look, all you need to do is get an Android phone from HTC for build quality. Then get an Android phone from Sony because their cameras are so good. Then get a Galaxy Note from Samsung for the largest screen. Then get a Nexus from Google to get a decent software experience. Finally, get a phone from Hauwei because they’re cheap. Then mash them all together and you’ve got one phone that’s better than the iPhone!

The Macalope

That’s one of the best ways to describe the advantage of the iPhone over most of the competition. My own iPhone is nearly three years old and, despite some software annoyances from iOS 7 and the slowly declining battery life, I am still very happy with it. While I’m increasingly tempted to upgrade to an iPhone 6, my 4S would probably work just as smoothly for another year or so (provided I stay away from iOS 8).

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