04 January 2015

Reading stats for 2014

The year 2014 hasn’t been very fruitful in terms of reading, according to my personal stats on Goodreads. Compared to last year, I only managed to finish 23 books and around 6800 pages (around 25% less than in 2013). Apart from a couple short stories that I didn’t find in the database at the time, this should be pretty accurate. There are some reasons for this, mainly several trips to Paris in the first half of the year, where reading in the subway on the way to work is more difficult than back home. On the other hand, I rated more than half of the books with 4 stars, so overall I enjoyed 2014 more than the 2013 selection. With the notable exception of 1Q84, the longest book read this year and the biggest disappointment, probably another reason for the reduced reading mood. If Murakami disappointed, Alastair Reynolds impressed me again with House of Suns, his best work yet in my opinion. Here’s to more books like that for 2015!

Goodreads my reading stats for 2014

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